The most recent history of All Saints Church can be found on our Facebook site, but history going back beyond the most recent decades is below split across several pages.

About All Saints Church

The primary vocation of our church is to engage fully with the whole of the parish, regardless of race, creed or inclination.

Patron Saints

Patron Saints are adopted by churches for their special dedication. The selected saint becomes thus a heavenly protector for whose intercession before the throne of grace we pray.The saints remembered and adopted by All Saints Church are St.Andrew, St. Aiden, St. Gregory and St. Oswald.

Saints each have a day in the calendar and dedicated churches observe their saints day as patronal fesitivals. Please visit our patronal saints page for some information about our patron saints.

Connections ...

We are a church of The Church of England, in the Diocese of Birmingham. The parish receives alternative episcopal oversight from the Bishop of Ebbsfleet.

Origins of Small Heath Parish

All Saints Church serves the Parish of Small Heath since 1992 when four Parishes were amalgamated.

In the last quarter of the nineteenth century, the area which includes the present parish became substantially urbanised outwards from the city centre through Digbeth. More...