Donating to All Saints

Donating is even easier than before, we can now accept cheques and as such is the preferred option instead of sending any form of cash in the post. All donations are much appreciated, especially at this particular time.

Video Channel

If you're looking for our video library, including recording of past services and messages, you can view these by following our link to the YouTube channel.


The care and protection of children, young people and adults involved in Church activities is the responsibility of everyone who participates in the life of the Church. If you have any concerns regarding safeguarding please contact our Safeguarding Officer, Hyacinth Wright on 07958 213443. For further information please see our safeguarding page.

The Bishop of Birmingham's Safeguarding Adviser is Steph Haines who can be contacted on 07342 993844 or via email here.

Happy Easter!

He rose from the grave on the first day of the week and of this event every Sunday is the commemoration week by week. There follow the great Forty Days, when Christ appeared frequently to the disciples and others, teaching and preparing them.

The season of Easter takes us to Ascension Day and Pentecost.

He withdrew his bodily presence on Ascension Day which, being the fortieth day after Easter, always falls on a Thursday. As Christ had promised, after ten days of waiting and prayer in the Upper Room in Jerusalem, the disciples received the Holy Spirit on Whitsunday or Pentecost.

The Holy Spirit was to lead them into all truth and strenghen them for the colossal task of making Christ known to the uttermost parts of the earth, to all men, everywhere, in all ages.

Whitsunday is often known as the Birthday of the Church. As the day of the original bestowing of the Holy Spirit, it was a favourite day for Baptism.

Pentecost this year falls on Sunday 28th May.

Notice from Roger

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Helping you...

Most of us have times in our lives when:

  • our children are born and we want to give thanks to God
  • our relationships need to be strengthened or made permanent before God
  • someone significant in our lives is very ill or dies
  • we want to celebrate or give thanks
  • we need encouragement
  • we want to find meaning and purpose, to change and to know who we really are

Please note that Baptisms, Weddings and Blessings are all arranged by seeing our Parish Officer on Sunday Mornings after attending the regular 10:30am Mass. Telephone enquiries or email requests are welcome, but firm bookings are made in person by coming to All Saints Church on a convenient Sunday.

Please make sure that any family or friends wishing to make bookings are aware of this.